On Fabian Basabe's Plate Tonight: Une Journee a Paris and Trovata Show

Fabian Basabe

Okay, so today was an easy day for me... I woke up late and had a few calls to make to L.A. for something exciting that I will share with you later this week and did a pre-interview for a talk show. If I’m chosen to appear on this talk show, I will surely prepare as I always do, and then for some reason, I will most likely forget what I had originally prepared, and say the most inappropriate things. More on this later... I promise!

So tonight I am planning to make two stops, the first being a very civilized affair at the Hammerstein Ballroom for “Une Journée à Paris,” where I am sure to see a lot of friends. The second is Trovata's fall fashion presentation that has a Brazilian theme complete with a caiporera show and cachaça concoctions at none other than the sinful Tunnel.... which we all remember from our younger years of disreputable behavior and blackout nights. I have been to Brazil, Rio in fact, and I can tell you... the only reason people go is for sun and sex! I obviously went to Rio to check out the sights and to find religion, but I thought I'd give you the full picture anyway...

Hopefully the evening will be successful for all those out and about and lucky to be included... I will keep you posted soon!

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