Olivia Palermo on the Max Azria and Ruffian Shows

Olivia Palermo

Max Azria: Friday, Sept. 7 at 2 p.m.

The 2 p.m. show was packed and there wasn't one empty seat. When the show started, the lights dimmed and “It’s a Man’s World” began playing. I thought it was a bit strange they picked that song considering mostly women were there. The first look was a simple, long, cream-and-pink-colored silk dress just to the calf. It was a great piece for someone who is tall and doesn't like a lot of fuss. From cardigans to slip dresses, I thought the collection was extremely wearable. Throughout the rest of the show, there were two other looks that stuck in my mind. The first were short, silk-pleated shorts paired with a cardigan. It was young and fresh. The other was a pinky-peach very fitted pencil dress made from this sort of netted material that twisted off the shoulder. It was worn with a T-shirt underneath. Of course, Max always draws in the celebrity crowd, which is always fun.

Ruffian: Saturday, Sept. 8 at 1 p.m.

Each season I always look forward to a few shows, and Ruffian is one of them. Brian and Claude always know how to rise to the occasion. They bring an international flair to New York. The colors from this collection were all about refreshing brights for spring. As with every Fashion Week, there is always one trend that prevails and I think this season’s will be the high-waisted skirt. Ruffian continued a flow of wonderful outfits with one look that caught my eye in particular, one of my favorites so far. It was a black knitted halter shirt with a fuschia mini. Another stand-out was a silvery grey pant-suit, featuring a cropped jacket that ended right under the rip cage paired with wide-leg pants. It’s perfect if you’re looking for something not too constraining, but chic at the same tiem. The look will actually elongate you if you are a bit shorter. Sighted at the show were fashion peeps Faran Krentcil and Alexis Bryan.

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