Olivia Munn is speaking out against the recent rise of hate crimes targeting Asian-Americans in the U.S.

On Wednesday, the actress took to Instagram to condemn the xenophobic attacks, which have spiked substantially since the on-set of the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Over the past few days I've found myself at a loss for words at the rise of anti-Asian hate crimes," she wrote. "The racist, verbal and physical assaults have left my community fearful to step outside."

Munn then went on to note that these crimes have continued to increase "even though we ask for help" and "more mainstream media coverage," before listing off a spate of recent attacks that happened in the past week, including the murder of an 84-year-old Thai-American in San Francisco, and assaults on a 64-year-old Vietnamese-American woman in San Jose, a Filipino-American man in Manhattan, and a 91-year-old Asian-American man in Oakland.

"To simply exist as a minority in the country is seen as a protest to some," Munn concluded. "We need help amplifying the outage. We need help to feel safe in our country. We need help to be safe in our country."

See her post for yourself, below.

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