Meanwhile MM planned to follow up the hugely successful Mitford Month on MMBlog with the sure-to-be-even-more-acclaimed Mountbatten Madness Month, but MM can't find his gorgeous Mountbatten photo book. (For the record, MM gauges the success of his royalty posts by the fact that no one EVER posts comments!)

Anyhoo, this is the gorgeous Olga of Greece who totally made monarchists wet their pants with delight last year when she became engaged to Aymone, Duke of Puglia, heir to the dukedom of Aosta. A true old school double-royal match! The same monarchists got very nervous when the wedding was postponed!!!

The Duke of Aosta is a cousin of the Prince of Naples who would be King of Italy if the monarchy still existed. The Duke of A is very royal and is pretty impeccably behaved while the Prince of Naples and family are pretty tabloidy. There's a big story about this in the current European Royal History Journal. The Prince of Naples supposedly even slapped the Duke of Aosta at a royal gathering in Spain! Such trashy behavior is pretty undignified but fun in an US Magazine kind of way.

Photo from Point de Vue


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