By Special Correspondent SNOWBIRD

The Soldius 1 Universal solar charger (mini USB port) will give your iPod a full charge in about 2 hours -- at least while the sun is shining. Take it to the beach!  $99.00 at

You can also personalize your iPod by laser etching text and images directly onto the metal surface. Check it out at

Researchers have found that an over-the-counter antioxidant supplement (N-acetylcysteine) might help you stop using cocaine.  When addicts were given the
supplement and shown pictures of coke, they had less desire for the drug than
those given a placebo. (

Hot Miami ad agency Crispin Porter & Bogusky (Burger King, Gap and Volkswagen) have announced the opening of a branch office in Boulder, Colorado. The reason: "Offering employees a place to work that's the opposite of Miami is a new benefit like a matching 401(k)," according to chairman Chuck Porter. Is that a dis on Miami? (

Smith & Wesson (the gun manufacturer) had a party last week at Casa Casurina (the former Versace mansion) to launch a new cologne. According to New Times columnist The Bitch, a couple performed a sex act "only inches from the food and no one seemed to remember that the former owner of the party mansion was killed by, you know, a gun." (

Whitestarr is performing on New Year's Eve at the Victor Hotel on Ocean Drive. Also: Cisco wants everybody to know that he was misquoted in PAPER about the Mars Volta. Yeah, right.(

Photo by Nadav Benjamin


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