There seems to be a whole lot of shaking going on in Democratic circles as we get ever closer to that fateful date in 2008 when we venture forth to elect a new President. Much of it is centered around the prospect of the telegenic and eloquent Barack Obama, the Democratic Senator from Illinois.  "Washington chatter" (about Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL)) "eyeing the presidential race has increased," the Chicago Tribune reports. "Leading Senate Democrats and party activists have privately urged him to consider a campaign, or at the very least, to leave the door open for a possible last-minute entry." Other factors leading to this conclusion include Illinois Senator Richard Durbin urging him to run and Obama has recently brought two national Democratic consultants on board. Obama's new book The Audacity of Hope, is also due out soon so look for him on the talk show circuit and listen carefully when he answers the inevitable question: Are you running?

What about Hillary you ask? Well, as they say, she's divisive but a hard worker whose been putting in hard time wooing the right and distancing herself from the left. Al Gore is also on the upswing. We know he's a good man and should be in government. I would definitely offer him a big cabinet position. Obama as Hillary's running mate? I don't think so. What we need is someone who can capture the popular imagination, a populist with a political base and maybe even a political party supporting him/her. Obama could be the man.

via politicalwire


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