Early last week, Noel Gallagher was quoted by the Daily Star as being willing to reunite Oasis for the hair-raising sum of £20 million and that the hold-up was thanks to his brother/former bandmate Liam, who was "a very angry man still."

Unfortunately, Liam seemed less than enthused about all that blame-shifting, and as such, the self-proclaimed "NATIONAL TREASURE" took to Twitter to vent his frustration against his big brother. In a string of very apt tweets, Liam unleashed what seems to be pent-up decades of younger sib rage. Because while the two have publicly feuded in the past (more than a few times), we all know that hell hath no fury like a Britpop star scorned.

First, Liam hits him with a cryptic reference to fun and "ginge".

Then he lobs not one, but two "Potato" tweets at his older brother. Damn.

His ire then moves toward the Oasis fanboys who dare to intervene.

But for a second, it's back to Noel.

And then we're back to unintelligible insults directed, seemingly, toward Oasis fans.

And ending it all with the atomic mic drop of 'em all.

Fok ya, LG x.

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