23 NYC Creatives Break Down Their Style for PAPER

23 NYC Creatives Break Down Their Style for PAPER

Story by Jael Goldfine / Photography by Nicholas Needham

Fashion week is as good a time as any to ask: how do we create and define personal style? Is there even such thing, when every image is prismatically shared across the internet, subcultures are gobbled up by the mainstream at a carnivorous pace, we rely on whistleblowers like @dietprada to call out constant copycatting, and it feels like everything's been done before?

We'll be honest: we're fashion optimists. This year's NYFW has already seen a number of powerful and original statements. But beyond the fashion industry, everyday folks architect magnificent styles of their own, using their simply imagination and resourcefulness.

To celebrate this fashion week, we asked 23 creatives who live here in New York City to explain their style to us, all of whom Nicholas Needham captured at Pier 59 Studios. To avoid the typical, long hyphenated chains that follow "how would you define your style," participants had the choice of using a Lana Del Rey lyric, a Zodiac sign, a period of Lady Gaga's career, a movie and a drink to decipher their looks.

Danielle Mareka (@daniellemareka)

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Cocktail: Tequila Sunrise

Movie: B.A.P.S

My style is thrifted and eclectic. It's bright, bold contrasts made for the everyday. My style is reflective of my mood, but it's also my way of putting on armor for the day. My style protects me.


Photography: Nicholas Needham