NY Korean Film Fest Starts Tomorrow

Here I'm treading on Cinemaniac's territory (sorry, Dennis!) but I'm going there anyway. The New York Korean Film Festival 2007, which celebrates its seventh year, kicks off tomorrow (August 21) and it will run through September 2. And you know what, I'm going! This year's fest features a hodgepodge of K-flicks from sappy love stories to crazy horrors and a retrospective of Kwon-Taek Im who directed Chunhyang. The screenings will be at Cinema Village, IFC Center and BAM.

If you're a Korean movie novice, King and the Clown is a good place to start. This period dramedy is called Korea's Brokeback Mountain and was a monster blockbuster when it first came out. (Side note: I rented this one for Mr. Mickey from K-town. He hasn't watched it yet but you can borrow it when he's done.) The one I really want to see is Whispering Corridors, which according to Dennis Dermody, is totally retarded and scary. Others worth checking out are Between, Red Shoes, Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance and A Tale of Two Sisters. See you at the movies!!

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