Nurse Jackie: Season One On DVD!

Dennis Dermody

The first season of Nurse Jackie is now out on DVD! How great is this Showtime series starring the fabulous Edie Falco as a pill-popping nurse in a frantic New York hospital? Falco stars as Jackie Peyton -- a superb nurse with some serious problems. She has a handsome loving husband and kids at home but at work she pretends to be single and sleeps with the pharmacist (Paul Schulze) so she can get painkillers which she snorts up regularly during her hectic day. The show has a great ensemble cast -- from Eve Best as her tart-talking well-dressed best friend; Peter Facinelli as an arrogant doctor who cops a feel when he gets nervous; Anna Deavere Smith as the hospital administrator; a touching Merritt Wever  as her bumbling intern; and Haaz Sleiman, as the gay male nurse "Mo-Mo," who is sadly is not going to be on next season. People who only know Falco from The Sopranos now get to see her range as the troubled but terrific gal.  (Check out some her early indie movies like the wonderful Judy Berlin and Laws Of Gravity while you're at it). Several of this season's episodes were well directed by Steve Buscemi. Just the best show!

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