Nude Diplo Wants You to Vote
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Nude Diplo Wants You to Vote

We sure are seeing a lot more of male celebrities than we're used to, these days. Last week there was Chris Evans' dick, and this week a slightly more chaste Diplo presents his butt for all of Instagram to see. He has the board short tan line of a man who lives life well.

Unlike Captain America, the DJ is exposing himself on purpose, and for a good cause: the 2020 presidential election. You know, the one that decides whether or not society as we know it still exists in ten years. "Don't forget to register to vote," he urges followers.

Disclaimer: this is obviously a case of @girlswithirrelevantcaptions. Like, Diplo is clearly just bored on vacation and posting a thirst trap for validation. But the vague acknowledgement of a terrifying historical moment is something, at least. By the way, Chris Evans also used his viral moment as an opportunity to get out the vote. Does this make a trend?

Sadly Diplo did not go so far as to put a voter registration link into his bio (almost as if this was just an excuse to show off that butt?), so let us do it for him.

Register to vote or check your registration status, right here.

Request your absentee ballot, here.

Tell your senator that you think the next elected President should have a say about who replaces RBG on the Supreme Court, here.

Photo via Instagram