Women are taking to Twitter tongue-in-cheek to share stories of street harassment -- whether it consist of stalking or catcalling -- using the viral #NoWomanEver tag.

Started on Saturday by a 37-year-old Atlantan named CJ, the tag tackles the presumption that hitting on a stranger should always be interpreted as a compliment -- rather than the flat-out, dehumanizing and potentially fear-inducing harassment women are forced to accustom themselves to. After all, the idea that "it's just a compliment" ignores the fact that the act of hitting on strangers is actually a fucked up power move that reaffirms women's bodies as public domain and also tends to induce paranoia re: safety, as sometimes (as a few user pointed out) it doesn't just stop at a "Hey, sexy."

"I started the hashtag out of sheer frustration, I cant even lie," CJ told us via email. "There was a conversation on my timeline about street harassment early Saturday morning, and a lot of the men engaging were being obtuse and dismissive...the women were crying out, once again, about being intimidated and disrespected, and the guys were pretending that it wasn't a valid concern."

As such, she decided a little snark was in order, and could potentially help women feel empowered...even if the stories were at first "incredibly triggering for me."

"These women have gone through a lot of disgusting and inappropriate crap that they should never have to experience," she continued. "I kept reading through the tag all day Saturday, and I realized something powerful was happening."

Though as CJ herself astutely noticed, it seems to be a never-ending cycle...


[h/t Mic]

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