[Photo by Bobby Doherty]
You and your best friend share everything together -- and now you can even share a tampon! (Well, to be more accurate, a tampon string.) A new 'brand' called Friends Forever Tampons has created a product that's "two tampons connected by one string" so you and your special friend with a synced cycle can go from being "joined at the hip" to being "joined at the vagina." The Cut spoke to founder Kat Thek who said that they're working on a 'Friends Forever Maxi Pad' prototype (it'll "make it easy to get into the flow and ride horses/dance in white pants with your best friend") and that they've also made a "one-time-only Squad Goals Tampon" for you and seven girlfriends. While this obviously sounds like some sort of elaborate hoax or art project, the brand's website lists NYC retail locations that include The Strand Bookstore and Fishs Eddy. So start stocking up before you plan your next girls' weekend now.

[via The Cut]
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