Now This Is a Royal Wedding Mr. Mickey Can Get Behind: Georg Friederich of Prussia & Sophie of Isenburg

Royal Watchers worldwide are in a frenzy of excitement over the wedding of Prince William of Wales to Kate Middleton, and naturally, being a die-hard monarchist and royal history addict, I'm excited as well -- but there's another royal nuptial that has me much more excited. Later this year the head of the royal house of Prussia, HI & RH Prince Georg Friederich, is marrying HSH Princess Sophie of Isenburg.  Friederich is the grandson of the late Prince Louis Ferdinand of Prussia and his wife Grand Duchess Kira Kirilovna of Russia and is consequently a descendant of Kaiser Wilhelm II, Tsar Alexander II and Queen Victoria. Quite the royal pedigree. Stephanie's sister Katharina is married to Archduke Martin of Austria and her sister Isabelle is married to Prince Carl of Wied. This old-school family tree full of royal connections is the kind of thing to get royalty nuts like me excited! I can't wait for the wedding!!!!

Read more about the couple in this article by royalty expert and author of Queen Victoria's Descendants, Marlene Eilers Koenig.

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