Nothing is more American than Gap, right? The classic brand is a staple of American culture, with its selection of denim and perfect t-shirts ensuring that it can weather any fashion or style changeup storm. And you know what else is very American? Well, rap music and...Cher.

So of course, the brains behind marketing the most American brand got together to conceptualize the brilliant idea of making their brand even more American by pairing Cher with one of the hottest rappers of all time: Future. Together, the unlikely duo sing a (very auto-tuned) duet cover of Sly & the Family Stone's "Everyday People," and let me tell you: it's the cutest thing you'll see all day.

As Cher takes the lead, singing the popular verses over a new trap-heavy beat (one that isn't too far from her recent hit "Ooga Boo"), Future chimes in to provide some soothing backing vocals. Sitting on a set of stairs in a completely white room, both Future and Cher seem to be having the time of their lives reinventing this classic song for an equally classic brand.

More of this, please, Gap. We're living for it.

Feel the magic below.

Splash photo via Gap

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Story by Justin Moran / Photography by Vince Fay