In addition to protesting, today you can continue to show your support of the black community by participating in NON Worldwide's new BLACK Friday in July initiative, which has participants pledging to exclusively support black-owned businesses on Friday, July 15th.

An artistic collective made up of Africans and descendants of the African diaspora, NON Worldwide explained on Facebook that "sharing your resources with Black owned Businesses" is another important component of helping to dismantle structural racism.

"It is important both locally and globally that we show how much Black Lives Matter by supporting Black Lives with our Money," they wrote. "This is an important factor in terms of taking steps towards generational healing and cleansing as well as a redirection of resources."

The group has also provided a list of black-owned business directories via GoogleDocs. For NYC-dwellers, here is a helpful list of 100 black-owned restaurants and bars to hang out at tonight.

Find out more about the event and how you partake here.

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