Noah Centineo's only been a thing for approximately nine months and his locks have already transformed many times over, as he's tried to rebel against his All-American, quarterback look.

Most of us met him boyish 'n' tousled in the To All The Boys I've Ever Loved era.

Although, he sometimes does a preppy swoop-back situation.

Then he played around for a while with a little dirty grad student beard.

Eventually he shaved off that whole disaster.

Now, he's baring it all. Centineo debuted a fully shaved head and clean face on Instagram today.

Noah's bleached scruff had his fan accounts just about ready to shut down. So what are thoughts on the buzz?

Some people's main take is: not as hot as Tom Holland.

I'm not exactly sure why Tom Holland is such a big part of this discourse, given that Brad Pitt is the only bald-headed heartthrob I recognize. But still, there's been fairly consistent disdain online.

At least one entity on god's green earth that's a fan and... *checks notes*... oh, it's PAPER Magazine.

For those skeptical of this phase in Noah's quarter life crisis, which he's taking out on his hair and all of us, don't worry. He's currently filming To All The Boys I've Loved Before 3. Unless Peter Kavinsky joins the army, Noah will have to put his heartthrob costume back on soon.

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