Usher's back at it again with "No Limit," a sultry summer jam featuring Young Thug ( a.k.a. Jeff the Rapper!).

Produced by Brandon "B.A.M." Hodge and Christopher Perry, "No Limit" is about limitless pleasure. This song occupies my favorite genre, which is the genre of hot guys singing about some made-up girl together and inadvertently serenading each other in the process. I would put "Fuck You Back to Sleep," another recent Usher banger (featuring Zayn Malik and Chris Brown), in this genre as well.

FYI: If you get pregnant upon listening to this song, it's not Usher or Young Thug's fault. They're not liable for that, and you really need be more careful!

(h/t Uproxx)

Photo courtesy RCA.

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