No Jersey Shore for the Misfits' Michale Graves, Either!

Jake Stavis

Misfits frontman and conservative activist Michale Graves has more in common with Marky Ramone than their powerful punk rock talents: the Jersey native holds some serious anti-Jersey Shore views. We discussed this and other hard-hitting issues at Monday night's inaugural Rock the Hall concert series where he performed with Ramone's Marky Ramone's Blitzkriegl.

What are some of your favorite bands right now?

My favorite bands right now are really no different than they've ever been. I listen to a lot of U2, obviously a lot of Ramones... I love Life of Agony, they're from Brooklyn. I've been listening to a band called Dredge, they have a great song called "Bug Eyes" that was off their last album.

What's your ideal jean wash?

Straight leg or boot cut. Acid wash or dark.

Stones or Beatles?

Oh my god... I know some people get mad but I've gotta say Stones.

Snooki or JWoww?

I really hope that both of them stop breathing actually. I lived in Seaside Heights for a number of years... and those people have ruined it. If I saw them on television, I'd want to bring [my family] somewhere else rather than there. I have a lot of nieces, nephews, and young people in my life, so a show like that is fun for people like us who are a little bit older and we know the way that life is. But for twelve, thirteen-year-olds, these young kids are watching this and think that that's reality, that's acceptable behavior, that's the way it's supposed to be just adds to the decline of our society.

Photo by Alexander Thompson

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