"No Hype, Just Tuuunes" at Flashing Lights

Jake Stavis

Just when you thought the small-plate wonderfest also known as dim sum couldn't get any better, the good folks down at 88 Palace really stepped it up with the creation of FLASHING LIGHTS, a house/disco/techno rave featuring some of New York's hottest DJs, an absurd amount of neon, and a magical elixir simply referred to as "rave juice." This is the real deal, notes The New Yorker: "the event is actually for dancers, rather than for people who need to text each other in public." This week, the halls of this Chinatown mini mall will reverberate with the sounds of TOADALLY KROSSED OUT, a debut project from Diplo and his appropriately-masked musical comrades. There'll be additional sets by Jubilee and Udachi, who are celebrating the release of their new single "Paypur / Smoke Rings." Preview the music for free by downloading the official Flashing Lights Mixtapes Vol. 1-4. For an "absolutely epic evening," hop into your lamé onesie and crack open those glowsticks; 88 Palace is about to throw down.

88 Palace. 88 E. Broadway, 2nd Floor. $10 at the door, $7 with RSVP. 10 PM - 4 AM. 19+.

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