There was a great deal of discontent with Lady Gaga's tribute to David Bowie during Monday night's Grammy presentation. And as with any source of cultural disgruntlement, the masses took to Twitter to let their distaste be known, not least among them David Bowie's son, Duncan Jones. The tribute crammed in a lot, yes, but it is not without its defenders, including (unsurprisingly) Chic guitarist, Bowie collaborator and Gaga's co-performer Monday night, Nile Rodgers.

He began by taking responsibility for the tribute and their medley choices:

Then he gently reminded a Twitter complainer that, uh, he's uniquely qualified to know about David Bowie's music, having worked extensively with David Bowie.

He also acknowledged Twitter's rage gracefully, and other people's opinions.

Rodgers reaffirmed his faith in his and Gaga's performance.

And, because Nile Rodgers is both classy and the greatest, he signed off nicely. Because he's got big plans with his Mom tomorrow, and that's more important than fighting on the Internet.

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