Nightlife Awards Scandal

The Daily News' Mr. Lowdown, Lloyd Grove, reports today of a flap that occurred at the Paper Nightlife Awards last week at Hiro. He says that when Fabian Basabe was on stage to give the award for Best Bar/Lounge (to the East Side Company Bar) he was called a racist by Rich Thomas, the boyfriend of Basabe's pr person Tami Peters. This gets bit complicated so I'll refer you to Grove's account for more details. All I can say is that no one here at Paper heard this so-called outburst, though it's possible it was audible to nearby tablemates. Basabe is the object of intense love him/hate him feelings and has been a lightning rod for comments on the Mr. Mickey Blog.

Photo of Basabe with fellow presenter/hall of famer Belinda Becker by Caroline torem-Craig
Photo of Rich Thomas and Tami Peters by Patrick McMullan


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