Nicki Minaj's New Album + "The Superbass Girls" at the AMAs = 8 Items or Less

Gary Pini
1. Some music news: Asher Roth signed to Def Jam and will release his next album in March. Katy Perry will host Saturday Night Live on December 10th -- with Robyn as the musical guest. Nicki Minaj is hoping to release her second album in the first quarter of 2012. [Billboard]

2. The world's first School of Practical Sex will start holding classes on January 9th, 2012, in Vienna. You can register for a class here. (Course topics include "how to be a better lover, sexual positions, caressing techniques and anatomical features.")

3. New York's space themed restaurant, MARS 2112 (1635 Broadway), refused to admit Shaquille O'Neal last weekend because he was wearing "jeans, a sweatshirt and a cap." [Club Planet]

4. Hugh Jackman's Broadway show grossed $1,468,189 last week. That's $100,000 more than The Book of Mormon. [Variety]

5. Just in time for Art Basel Miami, a company called ArtStrong Inc. has developed the ultimate packing bag specifically to ship works of art. Available in several sizes, the re-usable bags have one and a half inches of layered, cushioned padding. [Art Daily]

6. Men's outerwear brand  The Double Goose has a holiday pop-up store opening today at Reed Annex (151 Orchard Street).

7. Ellen Degeneres had the adorable "Superbass girls" interview stars at the American Music Awards. Be prepared for your heart to explode. [Buzzfeed]

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