In a last bid to save 2016, Queen Nicki Minaj has just discovered who Billy Eichner is and is shouting it from the rooftops.

Today she posted a clip from Eichner's last episode of Billy on the Street in which he harangues a New Yorker in his usual indignant/self-righteous/shrill way about La La Land. Besides praising Eichner for being "#petty" and having iconic responses, she relays a crucial PSA: "this is a dangerous game to play in the streets of NY. New Yorkers ain't rlly wired right, we throwed off. I'm so happy he made it home alive cuz i really wanna meet his petty ass"

She took to Twitter to continue gushing.

Eichner is also similarly enchanted.

Seeing Nicki on Billy on the Street might be the saving coup of 2017. Here's hoping.

Header photo via Matteo Prandoni/

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