Nicki Minaj is not having it with Italian shoe designer Giuseppe Zanotti.

Yep, earlier this morning, Minaj took to her Instagram and Twitter to level claims of "racism and disrespect" at the designer after his reps reportedly refused to talk about a collaboration.

A slight that's made more egregious and shady by the fact that Zanotti's admitted to being inspired by the musician, as proven by his nice 23-pair "NICKI" line.

...that dude admitted was inspired by Minaj herself.

However, Minaj says that it's more about the fact that he won't give her a second, and less about the money involved.

She even made a Twitter poll, which is when you know the drag is real.

Minaj then continued posting to her Instagram...

...and even grammed a couple of (now-deleted) photos of her with Zanotti.

And now that #GiuseppeWhatsGood is trending, it looks like all that's missing now is a cover of "Pick Up The Phone".

C'mon, Giuseppe.

photo by Matteo Pradoni/

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