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Cobble Hill restaurant Brucie is back with its celebrity themed Valentine's Day dinner. Last year, Brucie celebrated the world's love of Beyoncé and this year the restaurant is dedicating the evening to Kim and Kanye. And why not? They're the power couple of the moment and their most memorable moments make surprisingly good food puns.

Brucie's Kimye prix fixe is sort of a his-and-hers situation -- you can choose from either Kim's menu or Kanye's. (Personally, we can't get past "khicken" so we're theoretically and morally going with Kanye.) On Kim's menu, all foods that start with "C" now start with a "K," naturally: Karrots. Karrot Kake. Kalimari. Khicken (ugh).

And on Kanye's menu the first course starts off with "The Gold Digger" -- which might literally be gold -- and the last course kicks off with the "Imma Let You Finish."

You're "Bound 2" love it. (See! It just works.)

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