Natron Donnel: Greenhouse, Seattle, WA

[Pictures from "Ladies Night" at Vermont House, May 23, 2009, LA]

"We have a pretty good-sized basement and for whatever reason, bands just sound really good down here. I started throwing shows here in July of 2005, and after the first two, things kind of snowballed. Now it's basically a full-time job, to the extent where I can't even get back to people who e-mail me. We've hosted about three hundred bands here throughout the years, and that's pretty immense if you consider that this all came from sending some messages on MySpace. House shows and DIY shows are really kind of the purest way to experience live music, I think, because in general, music is created in houses, and people just feel more comfortable being in places like this. It's not a controlled situation. One of the most memorable shows we had was during Carousel Festival, a DIY festival I put on every summer in Seattle, and during one of the shows at the house, we had eight bands play here one night, and in the span of five hours, we went from an instrumental rock show to a metal show to a hip-hop show. Another night, Tad, this major figure from the grunge years, was playing and strangely enough, we noticed this older gentleman and a young girl, and we thought it was an odd combo. Later we learned that it was Kurt Cobain's grandfather and Frances Bean Cobain. That certainly made the night that much more interesting."

Dustin Krapes: Vermont House, Los Angeles, CA
G. Lucas Crane: Silent Barn, Ridgewood, NY
Brian Blomerth: The Church of Crystal Light, Richmond, VA

All pictures from "Ladies Night" at Vermont House, May 23, 2009, Los Angeles.


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