Last night on The Late Late Show, James Corden exposed a very pregnant Natalie Portman for what she really is: a former member of a '90s environmentalist kids band loosely based on Captain Planet called The World Patrol Kids. Actually, does it really surprise you that Natalie Portman spent her wonder years performing frantic dance numbers about recycling, and singing earnestly about corn and wheat? And honestly, weren't we all in environmentalist kid bands back then? In my memory, at least 30% of children's entertainment in the '90s was dedicated to Clockwork Orange-ing America's youth into recycling, saving dolphins, and cutting up those plastic six pack things so fish don't strangle themselves. You know you're a true child of the 90s if the mere thought of littering sends you into a fathomless shame spiral.

Watch the clip below...

And then get your LIFE with these World Patrol Kids bangers...

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