Went to a really swell get together last night to celebrate the cast of the upcoming film : The Chronicles of Narnia. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Directed by Andrew Adamson, the Narnia was brainchild of a good friend of ours, Perry Moore (pictured here with Cynthia Rowley) who has shepharded this whole film from a seed of an idea to where it is today. (He is also an executive producer.) I don't know much about the Narnia's religious implications (I did not grow up reading these tales) but do notice that Christian groups all over the placer seem to be hailing it's arrival before they've even seen it. The reality may be a disappointment for the zealots though, because I can't imagine any film adaptation dreamt up by the intelligent and political Perry Moore, starring the fabulously creative, offbeat (and gorgeous) Tilda Swinton (seen above with artist Mark Borthwick) as the good witch costumed by the amazing downtown artist Hopey Atherton (pictured with PAPERs Hunter Hill) and directed by Andrew Adamson (photographed with singer Angela McKlusky) to be anything but smart and great. By the way, all the former were mingling at the dinner last night which took place at Allison Sarafin's art filled townhouse.


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