The 'Naked Philanthropist' Accused of Sex Trafficking

The 'Naked Philanthropist' Accused of Sex Trafficking

Kaylen Ward โ€” better known online as the "Naked Philanthropist" โ€” has been accused of sex trafficking young women via a potential casting call.

Earlier this year, Ward went viral after exchanging her nudes for donations to Puerto Rico earthquake and Australian wildfire relief efforts. However, she is now facing intense online scrutiny after tweeting that she was looking for young women with little to no experience with sex work to "train."

"You will live in a mansion with approximately 15-20 other girls and will be trained on how to be successful on OnlyFans and social media," Ward wrote in the since-deleted tweet, per screenshots. "We will also be filming for TV and [YouTube]."

Needless to say, Ward's request was swiftly denounced by concerned Twitter users who questioned the proposition and accused her of sex trafficking.

"This is highly suspect & exploitive," as one person said, while another wrote that they hoped "the FBI or somebody is keeping tabs on this, because this is insanely sketchy/predatory and quite possibly a front for human trafficking."

"Hey let's stop fucking supporting the 'naked philanthropist' who's probably now working for human traffickers and is obviously good at hiding it. Do not fall for this shit," someone else said. "I took courses on intimate partner violence for my degree and this is a CLASSIC way to reel in girls."

In the wake of the backlash, Ward responded by posting two videos of herself with another woman, in which she claimed that she "didn't provide all the information."

"There's a lot that goes into it. I'm actually trying to start a legitimate business. I will have an HR team. I will have like, contracts. I will have actual employees," she said. "All the girls will be employees, they will get paid, they will have contracts. And there's a lot of work that goes into it besides just moving a bunch of girls into a house."

In a second video, Ward also added that she didn't "appreciate being attacked," before asking people with questions to ask her, as "these are not my intentions."

Not only that, but Ward followed up with another tweet in which she wrote that she understands "that I presented my idea way too soon before I was able to present all of the information and logistics."

"It was just something that I was really excited about doing and wanted to share with you guys." See her posts, below.

Photo via Twitter / @lilearthangelk

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