Mystery Revealed: Poirot & Marple DVD Box Set!

Dennis Dermody

Out on DVD is another great treat: Agatha Christie Poirot & Marple For the mystery lover in your family look no further than this exquisite box set with 21 twisty mysteries from the queen of crime novels Agatha Christie. David Suchet owns the role of the finicky Belgian detective Hercule Poirot and included are so many great thrillers: Death On The Nile, The Mystery Of The Blue Train, The Murder Of Roger Ackroyd among others. The revelation for me in this glorious compilation is Joan Hickson as Miss Jane Marple, the little old lady from the village of St. Mary Mead with a mind like a steel trap who gathers clues like the wool in her knitting until she casts a net around the culprit. Watching her particular offerings back to back: 4:50 From Paddington, Sleeping Murder, At Bertram’s Hotel, Nemisis, etc. I was so delighted by the subtlety of her performance and the slick direction of these mysteries. 35 hours of suspense, confounding clues, and satisfying conclusions- who could ask for anything better?

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