MyBlockNYC's Video of the Week: "Man Proposes to Girlfriend on MyBlockNYC at MoMA"


The fine folks at, a new interactive mapping project, are picking their favorite MyBlock videos to show on PAPERMAG every Tuesday. Here's this week's.

TITLE: "Man Proposes to Girlfriend at MyBlock in MoMA"
LOCATION: The Museum of Modern Art, W. 53rd street
When we saw the video MyBlock user Reggie uploaded to our site, in which he proposed to his girlfriend Ricca on his iPad, we knew we had to follow the story to see how the proposal went down. Visiting all the way from Singapore, Reggie took the unsuspecting Ricca to the Museum of Modern Art for a little romantic day trip. At the museum, the couple stumbled upon the MyBlock kiosk at the mseum's current "Talk to Me Show," and, as they watched the video Reggie posted, he got down on one knee.

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