My Winnipeg Is "Divinely Deranged"

Opening this week is the fabulous My Winnipeg, directed by crackpot visionary Guy Maddin (The Saddest Music in the World). The film follows Maddin as he's about about to leave his beloved hometown of Winnipeg, and as he looks back on his past and the town’s quirky, snowy, sleepwalking ways. He even hires actors to recreate family scenarios. The fabulous Ann Savage (Detour) plays his fearsome mother in these loony recreations. Some of his recollections are priceless -- a fire that causes horses to stampede and freeze to death in the river and how people came to pose next to the horse heads grotesquely jutting out of the ice. It's as poetically poignant as it is bizarrely funny. This “remembrances of frigid past” is divinely deranged.

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