'My Plans/2020' Meme Shows How Coronavirus Ruined Your Year

'My Plans/2020' Meme Shows How Coronavirus Ruined Your Year

Another day, another coronavirus-related meme. But rather than Italian singalong dubs or celebrities as hand sanitizers, this one is about how the pandemic has put a pin in our collective plans — albeit, with a little pop cultural spin.

Much like the "Me on March 1 vs. March 31" meme, the "My Plans/2020" trend has taken over the internet in the past few days. Based upon the premise that our hopes for having a good year have been hit with an unexpected plot twist, the internet has begun culling examples from film and TV to illustrate this point — to darkly funny results.

From Game of Thronesnods to Parasitestills to some excellent Drag Race references, everyone is drawing inspiration from their favorite foiled plans for this trend.

That said, given the way things are currently going, it doesn't seem as if they'll stop anytime soon. So, in the meantime, buckle up and check out a few of our favorite "My Plans/2020" memes, below.

Photo via YouTube / A24