My Name Is Bruce Opens Just in Time for Halloween

Opening this week just in time for Halloween is My Name Is Bruce, a good-natured horror comedy directed by and starring Bruce Campbell as “Bruce Campbell” but transformed into a drunken obnoxious lout doing cheesy sci-fi sequels. He is kidnapped by his number one fan Jeff (Taylor Sharpe), and transported in the trunk of his car to Gold Lick, Oregon in order to help the town fight a vengeful Chinese God-of-War unleashed from a nearby mine. Campbell mistakenly thinks it’s a hoax and goes along with it in his customary blustery action-star way until confronted with the glowing-eyed, sword-wielding demon. Lots of jokes at the expense of Campbell’s cult status with fans for his starring role in the Evil Dead movies but the script (by Mark Verheiden) has plenty of genuine laugh-out-loud moments. And Campbell’s deadpan stream-of-consciousness rants and Three Stooges-style physical comedy is still endearingly funny.

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