"My Life With Bradley Cooper" Is Your New Favorite Instagram

by Elizabeth Thompson

Meet your new favorite instagram: My Life With Bradley Cooper, in which a woman takes her Bradley Cooper cut-out with her everywhere. Bradley Cooper at the store! Bradley Cooper mowing the lawn! Bradley Cooper at the beach! You're our hero, lady. [Uproxx]

Chris Rock's monologue at the BET Awards, or "the black world cup" last night was so mean and so good. "Rick Ross will be the first rapper to die of breast cancer." Stop it! [Uproxx]

Erykah Badu crashed a Pix11 reporter's live news segment on Shia LaBeouf and tried to kiss him. This is the best. [Jezebel]

I'd say this makes up for it. [Mlkshk]

Kanye X Kanye. [FYouNoFMe]

New York City neighborhoods you've never heard of. How will we push back against scaffoldication? [LaughingSquid]

Let this man putting on pants without using his hands be your Monday spirit guide. [Reddit]

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