Jinx Titanic has been creating and performing music and leading bands, most recently the Ladykillers, for over thirty years. In honor of Palm Springs Pride, PAPER and American Express teamed up to ask him to share some of his favorite LGBTQ-friendly places in Palm Springs.

Jinx Titanic's Palm Springs Favorites

The Croquet Court at The Parker Palm Springs
When you've got friend's staying here, it's the best place to dash over for a Pimm's Cup and a few swings of the mallet. The Croquet Court is all politeness and propriety--it's the kind of place that makes a guy feel classy.

Toucan's Tiki Lounge on Sunday Night
Because the best cure for anything is a drag show. I love the vibe here - nothing too serious, nothing too sacred - and a night at Toucan's is guaranteed smile inducing.

Melvyn's Restaurant at The Ingleside Inn
Who doesn't like dining in the 1970's? I don't even know if the food is good, but I'm so charmed by the retro-all-of-it that I return again and again. I give the joint 5 stars simply for existing, and its nice to hang at the bar too, as they serve up an excellent pre-mixology-craze old-school bartender-style gin martini.

Photo courtesy of Jinx Titanic.

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