Music Hall of Williamsburg: Everyone's New Favorite Venue!

It's been a while since I posted but I figured that since it was Fashion Week, most people wouldn't notice a lack of music blogs. But for those that still care, The Music Hall Of Williamsburg opened last week. Yay! I've been there twice already and it's fabulous. I saw the venue openers, Against Me!, and then Patti Smith the following night. Smith was set to open the venue last Tuesday, but due to construction set-backs and an overabundance of dust, she decided to wait a few nights.

Most of you know that Smith is an amazing storyteller already, but I particularly enjoyed her stories last Thursday regarding her decision to postpone her performance. First of all, she admitted that she does indeed read the comments on the blogs written about her. Then she revealed her real reason for not playing opening night -- apparently she got side-tracked at the Galapagos down the street where she met a turtle that knew more about the history of cinema than anyone she's ever met and they ended up discussing it well past her performance time. Classic Patti!

Anyway, go see shows at this venue! The design is incredible (a mixture of Bowery Ballroom and Irving Plaza) and the acoustics are incredible.

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