MSCHF Is Selling Chick Fil-A on Sunday

MSCHF Is Selling Chick Fil-A on Sunday

From cutting up Birkin Bags to make sandals to melting down an AR-15 to form a sword for Grimes' Met Gala look, the fashion world's rising enfant terrible, MSCHF, is no stranger to poking the bear with their releases. The Brooklyn-based art collective is perhaps best known for their blood-infused Nike Air Max 97s collab with Lil Nas X that resulted in a lawsuit from the company as well as a whole lot of scandalized conservatives and it looks like they probably won't be happy with MSCHF's latest drop either.

MSCHF's latest project sees the collective taking on Chick Fil-A with their "Sunday Service." Aiming at the fast food chain's religious ties and their policy of closing their doors on Sabbath, MSCHF is offering Sunday delivery of real Chick Fil-A chicken sandwiches repackaged into a special "666" bag with a just-as-blasphemous Shroud of Turin napkin all at the devilishly low price of $6.66.

"Certain American values go hand in hand," the Sunday Service site's manifesto states. "For example, conservative Christianity pairs perfectly with a correspondingly devout faith in the 'free market.' That being the case, fuck it, let's take advantage of the obvious hole in the market left by notoriously Christian restaurant chain Chik-fil-A's sabbatarianism. 'The market finds a way,' and, in this case, it's the road to hell. Hail Satan and Eat Mor Chikin on holy days."

Those interested in securing their own Chick Fil-A sandwich are encouraged to sign up for Sunday Service on MSCHF's website where customers will be later sent a purchase link on September 26 while supplies last. And just in case you were wondering whether or not Chick Fil-A may somehow be affiliated with MSCHF's latest drop, the website has a button that allows users to tweet at the chicken chain thanking them for "spitting in the face of God."

There are, of course, some logistical problems with delivering Chick Fil-A sandwiches on a day that none of those stores are actually opened. First off, the sandwiches will have to be a day or two old since they won't be able to restock day-of with MSCHF saying in their Terms & Conditions, "Consume at your own risk, the customer assume[s] ANY and ALL RISKS of INJURY OR DEATH resulting from use of the product."

Chick Fil-A has yet to comment.

Photo courtesy of MSCHF