Mr. Mickey's Must-See Guide to L.A: La Brea Tar Pits

Our next stop on Mr. Mickey's Must-See Guide to LA is the legendary La Brea Tar Pits. Come on, just reading the name makes Mr. Mickey mad with pleasure!!! And hello! These tar pits are right in the middle of L.A.! For a little history, tar has been gurgling up to the surface at the pits in the middle of Hancock Park for eons and in the prehistoric days all kinds of plants and animals got stuck in the goo leaving all kinds of great fossils for archeologists to drool over. There's a museum to see the fossils and they even have a gift shop where you can buy sabretooth cat canine fossil replicas or a cute stuffed glyptodon cuddlekin. A glyptodon is from the armadillo family. Who knew the pits could be so much fun!!!???

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