Mr. Mickey's Must-See Guide to L.A.: Beverly Hills Church of the Good Shepherd

Mr. Mickey just LOVES L.A. Yes, it's sometimes the hip thing for New Yorkers to hate the City of Angels but Mr. Mickey thinks if you give Los Angeles a fair shake, you can't help but loving it. Consequently Mr. Mickey is highlighting some of his favorite spots in L.A. so you all can come to love this place as much as MM does. We're starting things off with the Church of the Good Shepherd in Beverly Hills. Now it's a bit crazy for a gay homosexual who is opposed most organized religions (except the Jhains!) to include a Catholic church on the Must-See Guide to L.A. but since he was seven, Mr. Mickey has loved reading movie star autobiographies and one of the spots that keeps popping up is the Church of the Good Shepherd. Ask Rosalind Russell. Ask Mia Farrow. Ask Loretta Young! Elizabeth Taylor married Nicky Hilton here. Judy Garland filmed the funeral scene in A Star Is Born here. And speaking of funerals, these Hollywood luminaries were eulogized here: Valentino, Frank Sinatra, Carmen Miranda, Eva Gabor, Danny Thomas, Alfred Hitchcock, Vicente Minnelli, Rita Hayworth and William 'Fred Mertz' Frawley. The church is in Beverly Hills but it's a Hollywood landmark!

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