Mr. Mickey's Marc Jacobs Preview!

Oh kids, this Fashion Week business is brutal, and Mr. Mickey never rests -- even when he's not in the front row! For example kids, last night Mr. Mickey was stumbling home after some fashion dinners and a super stylish birthday soiree at around 1:30 a.m. and was dropping a cute and semi-boozed up cutie named Stevie at the subway (yes, Mr. Mickey is a cheap date!). Anyhoo, who should breeze by but America's number-one sexy lean fashion superstar Marc Jacobs! While looking adorable in some cuckoo-crazy-colored sweats, Marc smiled, "I'm just getting off work!" I asked if his pink and aqua clingy sweat ensemble was a preview of his collection Monday. He smiled and said, "Well I HAVE been feeling sickly colors lately." Could this be a flashback to his wild "Disco Air Freshner" collection? You remember the collection that was all '80s with shell prints and purples, aquas, reds and yellows?

We'll give you a report from the front row. Well from the 4th row.

Photo by Caroline Torem-Craig

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