Mr. Mickey, Massage Trains and Erin Wasson at Colette!

One of the highlights of Paris Fashion Week for MM was spending some time in the window of Colette where NY photographer the Selby had recreated his bedroom and was signing copies of his new book. He asked Mr. M to come help do consultations with people who brought in photos of their homes. It was a weekend, and Colette on a Saturday is a parade of the cute, the stylish and the fashion-crazed. Lynn Yaeger came to interview the Selby for and Maria Shriver was outside (MM had to accost her and say he follows her on Twitter and that she's an inspiration. Maria was a pussycat). Mr. M made a "Kiss Me" sign and actually got lots of takers including model Anouck Lepere! Erin Wasson also joined us us in the window for a while and started a massage chain! It was a very New York-meets-LA- and-flies-to-Paris kind of mayhem and it was magic!!!!

Photos by Mr. Mickey and the Cobra Snake

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