Mr. Mickey Loves Memorial Day in Atlantic City!

Mr. Mickey hopes you all had a gorgeous Memorial Day and gave thanks to the millions of service men and women that have served their country and such! MM was in that playground by the sea Atlantic City so prepare for some fun stories and snapshots of the weekend. Let's start off with MM's trip to AC's only "alternative lifestyle" bar West Side Bar and Lounge. Luckily it was Male Stripper night at West Side and Mr. Mickey and his new friend Mike were asked to volunteer for the audience participation portion of the show. MM was only too happy to oblige although it involved getting his glasses schmeared with some baby oil from the stripper hunky's man-boobs! West Side is great! Super friendly and neighborhoody vibe and they stay open till the crack of dawn thanks to the 24-hour liquor licenses in AC (the casinos never stop serving hooch!).

West Side Bar and Lounge
501 N. Arkansas Ave
Atlantic City NJ
(609) 344-0883

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