Mr Mickey is a Gawker Gay!!

 And they said MM would never amount to anything! Check out Gawker- everyone's favorite newsy blog for their write up of the 10th anniversary art show, MANHATTAN!. MM must admit he gets a little nervous when Gawker covers Paper because those kids really can put together a zippy turn of phrase! Luckily MM is not raked over the coals in this post......
Check it out

MM thinks the party was fabulous and that Carol Lee, Creative Director, did a stunning job on putting the show together.  You can check out the show Tues-Sat, 12-5 and see work from the likes of Jessica Craig-Martin, James Bidgood, Robert Longo, Benjamin Cho, Ryan McGinley, Cory Arcangel and Scott Lifshutz's portrait of yours truly!!!!!


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