Mountbatten Month: Little Louis with Margarita and Theodora of Greece

You all might have noticed that MM loves to post an old snap of the sisters of Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. For some reason that whole family (the children of Andrew of Greece and Alice of Battenberg) really speaks to MM. So here we have little Louis of Battenberg (Earl Mountbatten of Burma) with his two little nieces Margarita and Theodora of Greece. Margarita grew up to marry Prince Friedel of Hohenlohe Langenberg (a nephew of Marie, Queen of Roumania) after Friedel's broken engagement to Gloria Vanderbilt Sr.. Theodora married the Margrave of Baden. They had two other sisters, Cecile, Grand Duchess of Hesse und Bei Rhein who was pregnant when she was killed in a plane crash with her husband, mother-in-law and two sons. The last sister was Sophie aka Tiny who was married firstly to Christophe of Hesse and later to George of Hanover, brother of Queen Frederika of Greece.
Boy that's some genealogical history for you kids to digest!!!!


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