Header photo taken from Roberta Betti's Instagram.

Malaysian-based designer Moto Guo caused a stir at Milan Men's Fashion Week in Italy.

His gender-fluid collection called "Picnic in the Society, featured scowling male and female models with bonafide blemishes adorning their normally porcelain faces.

It's unclear if the blemishes were artificial, but some of the breakouts look startlingly real and aggressive...

...so much so that I think I'm having a moderate panic attack from my own mild struggle with zits over the years.

Part of me wishes my teenage self--face raw and red from an allergic reaction to Proactiv astringent--had seen this high fashion shitshow.

Is appropriation of authentic adult acne the new capes?

God I hope, then I wouldn't feel too-too bad about this world already coming to an end.

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