Mattel and Moschino released "Moschino Barbie"- -dolls inspired by the popular clothing company--and the commercial they used to promote it is not only delightfully campy, but it features a little boy--the first time the brand has featured a male in an ad.

With classic jingle corn, the commercial begins with the absurd chorus, "Mooooschino Barbie!"

"She's the MOST Moschino Barbie...EVER!" a little girl says.

"Totally hot! Totally cool! Totally Moschino Barbieeee" the jingle continues, before a boy with a truly dope faux hawk exclaims, "Moschino Barbie is SO fierce."


"She's a girl who has it all! (Nothing can stop her) Please hold while she takes this call!" the song continues.

"It's for you, Moschino Barbie," faux-hawk boy sassily adds, handing her a mini-cell phone, then winks.

The $150 dollar dolls sold out on Net-a-porter in less than an hour--information Moschino mastermind (and PAPER cover boy) Jeremy Scott glowed about on Instagram.

Let's hear it for Mattel--finally admitting that boys play with Barbie, too (proud former Barbie-er RIGHT HERE).

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