Morning Funnies: Rihanna's Reptile Boobs + Luxury Stink Bombs

A cute round-up of kids and animals looking longingly out the window. We prefer to think the little boy in this picture is Baby Gene trying to escape out of Betty and Henry Francis' haunted house in Rye. [via Buzzfeed]

Check out these (allegedly) sweet smelling luxury stink bombs. [via World's Best Ever]

Whoa. Kim Kardashian's imdb bio is just...whoa. Click to enlarge image. UPDATE: Looks like it's been removed from imdb...thank god for screen shots! [via Buzzfeed/imdb]

These things are so damn tasty but this is so damn true. [via Tall Whitney]

Check out this video of people thinking they're smiling for a photograph when they're really being filmed -- and, fun fact, it was made by Dean Fleischer-Camp, a co-creator of Marcel the Shell (With Shoes On). Keep your eyes peeled for a cameo by Zach Galifianakis and lots of Jenny Slate. [via The Daily What]

Rihanna was seen with these freaky-ass reptilian boobs on the set of her latest music video, "Where Have You Been?" You like? [via Buzzfeed]

Breaking Tan Mom News: She'd "totally" do Playboy (if they asked). [via TMZ]

Read about what actors really snort/smoke/ingest when they take drugs on-screen. [via Wired]

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