Morning Funnies: Chris Brown's New Album Receives "No Stars Ever" In New Review + Curiously Suggestive Olympic Score Lines

A few weeks ago we mentioned how a man had set up a troll campaign to send Pitbull to Kodiak, Alaska (there was a contest on Facebook in which the rapper promised to perform at whatever Wal-Mart in the country got the most 'likes') and apparently the artist paid to fly out the prankster, David Thorpe, to AK. Here's the big meeting. [via Buzzfeed]

The Queen is not amused. She's still not amused. [via Tall Whitney]

True dat, Ron Burgundy. [via HumorTrain]

Get this person a job at a creative innovation think tank agency consortium stat! [via Paris Hilton Sex Slave]

Yep. [via Pleated Jeans]

All we know is, we ain't complaining. [Dylan Hoebrien via Laughter Key]

Nom nom. [via Bunny Food]

Chris Brown album review: No stars ever. [via World Famous Design Junkies]

Now your beach reads can match your bikinis thanks to this new Tumblr, [via Hyper Vocal]

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